Time to say good-bye - a love letter

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Time to say good-bye - a love letter

Postby Bine » Mon May 30, 2016 8:31 pm

My dear Stamping Ground Forum,

Although having been a Runrig fan since the very early 1990s,I discovered you only in 2010.
Soon, I started to really like you:
The weird guys on here, the very special characters, the nice people.
Strange posts, extremely interesting posts, boring ones, childish ones.
Passionate discussions about politics, about Rory's so special voice and bones ;), about Bruce and Donnie.
Sharing the best Rory photo or the best concert experience, the most favourite song or the Runrig lyrics quiz.

And always, there was a mood of fair-play around, because of Crunchie taking care of us.
It was so relaxing to log-in after a long and demanding working day.
I am grateful for having had the chance to improve my language skills on here, because of certain native speaking members writing a very fine English.

Now it's over and this makes me really sad.
It's hard for me to know, that all our thoughts we expressed on here will be deleted and gone forever. This leaves me with a feeling of death, somehow.
I have already lost so much that was dear to me in 2016, and now I will add the forum to the list.
After having logged out for the very last time today, I will remove you from my favourites and leave, because I don't want to experience you being gone on June 1st.

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Re: Time to say good-bye - a love letter

Postby gillyp » Tue May 31, 2016 5:41 pm

Sad too, but just wanted to say thank you to Crunchie for keeping it going so long. It was fun, and I know how much hard work it is. Luckily for fans there are still hundreds of positive committed fans out there keeping in touch with the band and with each other from all over the world. Thank you Crunchie, you will be missed.
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Re: Time to say good-bye - a love letter

Postby Ribhinn Donn » Tue May 31, 2016 8:34 pm

Sorry to hear the forum is closing, but just wanted to add my thanks to Crunchie for all she has done keeping it going, it can't have been easy at times. Kind regards to all.
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