Glasgow & Edinburgh Concerts A Tale of Two Concerts

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Glasgow & Edinburgh Concerts A Tale of Two Concerts

Postby eilidh2002 » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:36 am

Sorry it's taken so long to write much about the Glasgow concert but it's been a busy couple of days . It's been a long time since Runrig played at the Glasgow Concert Hall at least five years maybe longer. It's a very different venue to the Barrowlands. It's advantage was that it allowed a more sedate atmosphere for people to listen to the new songs without the rabble from the bar. The new songs went down very well and I thought Onar was a great one to start with and following with Rise and Fall gave us a good flavour of the new stuff. Pride of the Summer really got the crowd going and it was fabulous to hear Harvest Moon back in the set after an absence of many years . I was really pleased to hear Flower Of The West again. It is one of my favourites and I was wee bit disappointed it was not played at the 40th Anniversary show. I think the crowd probably sang more of Every River than Bruce did but a Glasgow audience always sings so very well. Other highlights from the new songs where The Place Where The Rivers Run which had a bit of a hillbilly rock feel to it and When The Beauty which although still a sad song did not sound as melancholy as on the CD. I have to say Bruce's new version of In Search Of Angels was absolutely spine chilling. Not sure what they have changed with the arrangement but it was wonderful. The older rockier songs such as May Morning, Skye and Clash Of The Ash were great and went down a treat with the audience. I was pleased to see they had changed the set quite a lot. The lighting effects and the big screen images were really good too. It seemed the guys were having a great time. There was a fair amount of smiling from all of them on stage and Bruce and Rory's dance moves were evident. Only really real gripe I had was the sound was way too loud at the beginning of the concert. The vocals were drowned out a bit by the rest of the music but they seemed to tone it down a bit further on. There was a minor glitch with Rory's vocals towards the end of Flower of the West and a real basey sound around that time that you could feel thudding into your chest which I really liked. Bruce and Rory little stories about the old man and Rory talking about his dads disapproval of them coming in at 6 in the morning from gigs in the old days added a bit to the meaning of some of the songs.Not sure if their usual sound man was on duty possibly that's why the sound was a wee bit iffy in places The hall was really hot but didn't stop me enjoying myself and all 7 of us had a really good time. I think this was the best concert hall Runrig gig in a long time.

Now to Edinburgh. I haven't been in the front row at a Runrig concert since the Mara tour and never in a seated venue so it was a bit weird at first. For the most part the crowd sat reverentially listening to the first two songs Onar and Rise and Fall but as soon as Pride of The Summer started we were up and dancing and apart from brief sit downs for some of the ballads we stayed on our feet. They seemed to change the order of the set list a bit for Edinburgh. I think they played Harvest Moon earlier than at Glasgow. When The Beauty was played as an encore whereas at Glasgow it was part of the main set. In Search Of Angels was again absolutely beautiful. Where I was the sound was much better than at Glasgow although I could have been hearing more of the sound from the stage rather than the main speakers. Their was one glitch with the sound I noticed in Flower Of The West the basey sound I noticed In Glasgow which I liked there went a bit awry in Edinburgh . It was so loud it drowned out Rory's vocals near the end of the song which was a pity. I think that the sound may come from one of Malky's pedal thingies. Unfortunately whatever happened made it sound like a cross between the Space Shuttle taking off and a road drill. Thankfully it didn't last too long. I really loved the fact that at this show I could see a lot more of the interaction between the guys. I think I spent most of the concert smiling at Rory's dance move and the little bits like that between Bruce and Rory were great too. There was a fair amount of kidding going on between Malky and Iain. Like Glasgow I really enjoyed the new guitar/drum solo. Everyone on stage seemed to be enjoying themselves no end and they were definitlely very together. There were no signs of any issues between any of them. Bruce was smiling a lot and Malky appeared to be in his element eyes shut playing guitar to his hearts content .All in all two wonderful shows. Roll on Edinburgh Castle and hopefully Hebfest.

5 x

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