New album -Leanaidh Mi out now!

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New album -Leanaidh Mi out now!

Postby puffin » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:27 am

Blair's new album Leanaidh Mi - I will Follow is out now! :music:

2012 release from Skye musical genius, Blair Douglas Blair Douglas, Kathleen MacInnes, Cathie Ann MacPhee, Leanaidh Mi, I will follow, Kate Martin's Waltz, Gordon Gunn, Angus MacKenzie, Phil Anderson, Bryan Sutton, Wanda Vick, Mark Burchfield, Bob Mater,

2012 release from Skye-based musical genius, Blair Douglas, who has assembled an impressive array of musicians and singers for his new release Leanaidh Mi (I wil follow). Recorded in Nashville and Scotland, the album contains 13 original tracks - 6 Gaelic songs and 7 instrumentals including a Bluegrass version of Blair's timeless classic, Kate Martin's Waltz.

With a Celtic and Bluegrass feel, Blair's orignal songs are sung by Cathie Ann MacPhee, Kathleen MacInnes, Kathleen Graham and Ian Smith, with Scottish-based instrumentalists Gordon Gunn (fiddle), Angus MacKenzie (pipes) and Phil Anderson (acoustic guitar). Using modern technology, Blair has also been able to utilise the considerable talents of Nashville-based musicians Bryan Sutton (acoustic guitar/banjo/mandolin), Wanda Vick (fiddle/dobro/mandolin/banjo), Mark Burchfield (basses), Bob Mater (drums) and the legendary Charlie McCoy (harmonica).

As would be said in Gaelic, Blair Douglas 'did not need to buy' his musical ability, he inherited it from both sides of his family. But genetics alone cannot explain this rare talent. What Blair has done over the years to hone and perfect his talents through good times and not-so-good times by dint of sheer hard and often thankless work. His musical expertise is a distillation of the tuition he received and the influences to which he was exposed, the years of playing and composing, and his recording and producing experience.

Blair was born and brought up in Skye. On his mother's side he has strong connections with North Uist while his father's people had moved to Skye from the Border country around 150 years ago.

Blair was inspired to buy an accordion after hearing the playing of the late, lamented Niall Cheòis of Lewis. In 1973, having quickly mastered the instrument he teamed up with Calum and Rory MacDonald, fellow Skyemen with North Uist connections. Together they formed the Run Rig Dance Band, later to become Run Rig, with whom he played for several years.

His first solo album, Celtology, came out in 1984. Subsequent CDs - Beneath the Beret, A Summer in Skye, Angels from the Ashes and Stay Strong are all remarkable not only because of their quality but also because the material featured is Blair's own. These CDs are now classics and speak eloquently of Blair's huge musical talents.

Track Listing
Leanaidh Mi [3.34]
The heaven taught ploughman [4.04]
Gaol a' chìobair [3.47]
An tobar bhìnn [3.50]
Rèiteach Mòir Bhàin [4.34]
The Ryman Waltz [3.42]
Am pìobaire misgeach [4.14]
Tràigh Iar [4.06]
Mo ghaol-sa dìomhair [4.11]
The fiddler's march [3.43]
Barraigh Ghràdhach [3.36]
Albert Lee's Welcome to the Isle of Skye [3.39]
Kate Martin's Waltz (2012) [3.57]

Can't wait to get my sticky mitts on this. :D
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Re: New album -Leanaidh Mi out now!

Postby solman » Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:00 pm

Question did celtology ever got released on cd?
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