*** Forum Rules / Privacy Policy / Moderation guidelines

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*** Forum Rules / Privacy Policy / Moderation guidelines

Postby Forum Administrators » Sun Sep 09, 2007 7:12 pm

1) Forum Rules and Guidelines
1.1) The rules
1.2) The guidelines
1.3) About us

2) Privacy policy
3) Moderation Guidelines
3.1) Minor edits and moving threads
3.2) What we do with threads and posts
3.3) If we're discussing your topic...
3.4) Requesting thread splitting and deletion
3.5) "My post has been deleted - why? Type posts
3.6) If you've had a post deleted

1.1) Forum Rules

1) Acceptance of these rules and guidelines is assumed when members join the Forum.
2) No commercial advertising
3) No advertising of illegal music or goods
4) No direct quotes from private messages without the consent of both the sender and receiver(s).

1.2) Guidelines:
1) Please use common sense with regard to language and content when posting new topics or replying to current ones
2) Please show everyone respect and treat everyone accordingly
3) This is a Runrig Forum, please bear in mind the content of this Forum reflects on the band.

The Forum administrators are ultimately responsible for the Forum content and will therefore make any final decisions regarding forum issues, posts, topics and their content.

We hope we do not have to edit/lock/remove posts but please be aware that if we do we make no apology and will offer no justification unless asked over PM or email. Everyone registered on this forum is expected to moderate themselves when they post.

In saying that, as long as everyone thinks before they post and shows everyone else on the forum a bit of respect then there will never be a problem. Please note that by posting on the forum you are agreeing to these guidelines.

The Stamping Ground Admin Team.

1.3) About us

At the moment there are 4 administrators on this forum (Skye High Andy, Hendo_rfc, Crunchie and RunrigOffice who all use the username "Forum Administrators" to show that a message posted comes from all of us. We also have a few hard working Global Moderators (Skyeman121, scotgirl and wolfy). We are a group of volunteers and therefore we run this forum in our free time. Do not panic if you don't hear back from us right away following any action taken, also if you feel we may have missed something please don't hesitate to Email or Private Message us.

2) Privacy policy

The Forum Administrators take the Forum members' right to privacy very seriously.
The only private information that we have access to is the members' email addresses.
These will never be passed on to any third party without the prior consent of the member concerned.
Members Email and IP addresses may be used to prevent abusive activity.

The administrators do not have access to emails or Private Messages sent between members.

There are four "closed" forums with restricted access:

Engine Room (ER members only)
Engine Room Feedback (ER/mods/admin)
Mods Forum (mods/admin)
Admin Forum (admin only)

Any Private Messages or Emails sent to ER/mods/admin regarding Forum issues may be revealed in their entirety in the appropriate closed forum for discussion.

Messages of a private or personal nature sent to ER/mods/admin will not be revealed on the closed forums without the consent of the sender.

There is an option for the administrators to log User Notes and Warnings for each member. The policy of the administrators is to never use this facility.

3) Moderation Guidelines

We have set out some moderating guidelines so that members will know what will happen if a post or thread requires moderating (i.e. editing/deleting/moving etc.).

3.1) Minor and clear cut issues such as language/wrong part of the forum will be dealt with by one Moderator who will take appropriate action such as editing/moving however due to time constrictions we are unable to inform members if a minor edit has been made to a post. When more serious and contenstious issue appear we will need to consult other Mods/Administrators/Engine Room before a final decision is made.

3.2) We try not to completely delete posts or threads - If nesscary they will be moved to the mods forum so that they can be discussed and a team decision made. This may include editing/moving/deleting or they may even be returned to the board unaltered if that is what is deemed approprate.

3.3) We will inform members via a personal message if their post is being discussed. We will later inform the member of the conclusion we came to regarding it (returned unaltered/moved/edited/deleted).

3.4) Other than within the Lively Debates section Members may occassionally request deletion/splitting/locking of their own threads if they feel it has wandered too far off topic. The member must give a reason why and must agree to allow us to publish the fact that they requested the thread be deleted or split. We don't wish to stifle the free flow of conversation unnessarily so please do this only as a last resort though folks!

3.5) Other than personal messages to members for more major edits and spliting threads at a members request, we will not explain any moderating action taken on the main forum. Posts which ask why a post or topic has been moderated will be deleted This is to maintain the respect of those involved as nobody wishes to have their actions publicly questioned or to feel as thought they have been publicly reprimanded. If a post/topic of your own has been edited or removed, please send us a PM if we haven't already contacted you. We will not reply to PM's concerning queries about other members posts or topics.

3.6) If you suspect you've had a post deleted that you haven't been told about, please check through your post history to ensure it hasn't been posted on the wrong thread or that it hasn't been split from another topic as it may not have been possible to inform everyone who has posted that a thread was split. We have experienced being accused of deleting posts only to find an embarrased member has misplaced it :oops:

The main point is, if we have to make a significant change to your posts/threads we will do our best to let you know what has been changed and why! Other than that please enjoy the forum, stick to the rules, try to moderate yourself and help make it a happy place to be. Nobody likes being reprimanded or offended and we don't want to spend our spare time reprimanding members either!!!!!

The Stamping Ground Team
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